Everyone watches TV and movies. It is an obvious statement, but powerful when it comes to considering the potential audience for this documentary. There’s never before been so much attention in the media on gender identity. All kinds of people are curious about and are questioning what gender issues might mean for them. DISCLOSURE presents the issues in an accessible, challenging, and entertaining format, allowing audiences to form their own opinions and conclusions about common stereotypes in the media and the potential for gender nonconforming identities to thrive in public life.

Trans and gender nonconforming people are starved for historical documentation and recognition of our communities. You can’t build a movement for the future without understanding the past. Trans and gender nonconforming audiences will not only avidly support this project, but will also bring it to friends, family, partners, students, and co-workers as a tool to promote understanding and stimulate conversation. Allies of transgender people are eager to build their own awareness of trans experiences, and develop a vocabulary to defend and protect trans rights as human rights.