Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen is an unprecedented, groundbreaking look at the depiction of transgender characters throughout the history of film and TV. Taking us on a journey through a rich trove of Hollywood footage, trans actors and filmmakers give voice to a complex narrative of progress and backlash, and bring to life the liberatory potential of storytelling as a powerful tool for social change.



Transgender issues are in the spotlight like never before. A former Olympian comes out on national TV; Laverne Cox is featured on the cover of Time magazine; a primetime show about a transgender parent becomes a major hit and wins a sweep of Emmy awards. There’s much to celebrate about this hard-won visibility, but trans people continue to face violence across the country, are political footballs in the halls of Congress, and are demeaned as part of political rhetoric. Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen is an unprecedented look at the paradox of trans visibility. The first history of transgender characters in Hollywood, Disclosure asks how have these persistent images informed the public’s understanding of trans-ness? Disclosure provides a road map of these complex times of progress and backlash, and shows the liberatory potential of storytelling.